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July 2, 2009

Birth of Vega
JULY 02, 2009

Gather round kiddies cause it's story time..
Once upon a time there were to guys. Their lives were alike in a way that one could not explain. Whenever they'd hear music, it was like magic. Whenever they'd see a music video on television their little hearts would just beat to the rhythm of the song. They'd spit the lyrics with the artist. And then they would .. wild .. out.

But they were different in a way. One kid by the name of Ade, he liked sounds. He liked what the beat shouted. He liked how the beat made people bounce. So he wanted to make people bounce.And then there was Mr J. Yea, the beat was cool in his perspective, but he was more of a man of words. He talks .. shouts .. rhymes .. flows. He like to rap. He likes to spit.

And then these two young kids came together during high school. They were different, not the same person, but they had the same views. Know what they said?
"I .. want to make .. hot .. songs and sounds"

and so they did...they became the ones known as "Vega"

But what would happen once high school ended? Here's what should happen.

..............(in iTunes Fall 09)

June 29, 2009

Ain't this Hype & Stupid (Test Post)
JUNE 29, 2009

The following text was not meant to be read..
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